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SilverLine Bi-Xenon HID Projector Headlights (NA Miata)

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  • Miata NA HID Kit
  • Miata NA HID Harness
  • Miata NA HID Bulbs
  • Miata NA HID 50W HD Ballast
  • Miata NA HID 35W HD Ballast
  • Miata NA HID 35W Slim Ballast
  • Miata NA HID Kit
  • Miata NA HID Kit
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  • Miata NA HID Kit OFF
  • Miata NA HID Kit LOW BEAM
  • Miata NA HID Kit HIGH BEAM
SakeBomb Garage

 Product Description

Miata NA Owners, welcome to the 21st Century! 
Bring modern day OEM Bi-Xenon lighting technology to your NA, SBG is pleased to offer an exceptionally high quality lighting solution that won't break the bank!


  • New headlight housings, with Bi-Xenon (high/low) projectors
  • Optically clear projector lenses
  • High quality SBG 35W Slim Weatherproofed Ballast (Optional 35W HeavyDuty, and 50W HeavyDuty Ballast upgrades avaialble)
  • SBG H1 4300K bulbs (5000K SBG bulbs included with 50W ballast upgrade)
  • Plug and play wiring harness specifically for the Miata NA
  • OEM Appearance and operation
  • Detailed pictorial instruction manual included


The words 'Affordable' and 'Bi-Xenon' typically do not go hand in hand, and we have worked to create a custom setup that not only performs exceptionally well, but does not break the bank. These lights stack up astoundingly well to virtually ALL current aftermarket lighting solutions and are light years ahead of the OEM units. Even compared to OEM Bi-Xenon setups these lights are no slouch, and bang for the buck this lighting setup can not be beat! This kit is a plug-and-play pacakge: Simply remove your stock headlights, insert the wiring harness and ballasts, and aim!

We start with customized ultra high-performance bi-xenon projectors and adapt them to the Miata NA headlight housings. This yeilds a headlight output and quality on par with many modern day OEMs. In fact, to add a comparable Bi-Xenon HID option to a showroom car would cost more than our kit.  Not only are the raw components expensive, but a large amount of custom work which goes into creating each setup which are assembled, tuned, and aimed by hand. SakeBomb Garage is confident that once you install these lights on your car, you will quickly realize why you could never go back to anything else. This kit retains the stock appearance of the infamous pop-up headlights, while bringing the Miata NA night time lighting output up to the standard found on today's high-end autos.

This headlight replacement kit is not your average "cheap H4 HID bulb kit". Please read our HID101 tutorial at the bottom of the page to help familiarize yourself with the different types of "HID" kits out there. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the benefits of our HID system to that of other setups. We feel that there is a TON of misinformation regarding HID lighting out there, and while a "drop in bulb kit" technically uses an HID capsule as it's light producing source, what happens with the light generated is another story.  A true Bi-Xenon projector like our kit is in no way similar to the light output of a "drop in bulb kit" and unfortunately the term "HID" has been thrown around enough that misinformation about true HID set-ups is easy to come across. 

Optional 35W HeavyDuty Ballast Upgrade:

Our standard Bi-Xenon kit comes with 35W Slim Ballast to create the most cost effective and lightweight Bi-Xenon kit available. We offer an optional upgrade to a 35W HeavyDuty Ballast, which are more durable and resistant to temperature and vibration. They also have an integrated ignitor for a cleaner and more compact wiring solution. 

Optional 50W HeavyDuty Ballast Upgrade:

We also offer the option of 50W ballasts (and accompanying 5000k bulbs) instead of the OEM-spec 35W ballasts and 4300K bulbs. There are pros and cons to using 50W ballasts, so please select the kit that best suits your personal preference.

Xenon bulbs are manufactured to run at 35W, however they can be over-driven to produce more light than would normally be available at a lower wattage. Typically one will find an additional 30% increase in total light, however this extra light does come at a cost: the additional wattage can somewhat reduce the lifespan of the bulbs. The color range of the bulbs is shifted LOWER (more yellow) with increased wattage; however the color temp can be shifted back up to normal bright white by using 5000K bulbs, which is why we will supply the 50W ballasts with 5000K bulbs. At the end of the day, yes, the total light output is increased with 50W ballasts, but it does not change the beam pattern with which it is distributed so you simply end up with a BRIGHTER light, not wider or longer throw. Is this a good thing? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In the city where streets are well lit, the extra light from the 50w ballasts is definitely welcome, but on very dimly lit back-roads the contrast difference between foreground and background could feel overwhelming to some, and reflector signs will appear very reflective. It is a personal choice whether this increased light output is right for you, but if in doubt remember that the OEM standard is 35W.


HID Lighting 101:

Other "HID kits” use the stock headlight housing in conjunction with a Xenon bulb. On the plus side, they are extremely cheap. 
The negative side? Typically these setups...
  • Blind other drivers
  • Have a horrible field of view
  • Severely scatter the light
  • Have uneven lighting with no cutoff
  • Actually WORSEN your night vision (Intensely bright light is thrown in the foreground. This bright light makes your pupils close, causing your distance night-vision to become worse than with your stock halogen lights)

Bi-Xenon Projector HIDs on the other hand are used in every modern OEM HID lighting setup.
Projector HIDs...
  • Have a very even dispersion of light
  • Have a very wide dispersion of light
  • Have a very long throw with high beams
  • Illuminate much larger portions of the road while not ruining your night vision
  • Don't blind other drivers, or attract attention from law enforcement



Although our headlight kits are made with components which exceed standards set by DOT, they have never been tested by the DOT and we do not claim that they are "DOT legal". Our headlight kits are intended for off-road use. Install and use at your own risk.

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