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SakeBomb Garage at SevenStock22!!


We're excited to announce that SevenStock22 was a great success for the team here at SakeBomb Garage. We're a small group of people that wear many hats and have missed the past few SevenStocks but we were able to carve time out between manufacturing and shipping to drive down to Southern California to hang out with huge crowd of Rotary people and other Vendors. 

It's humbling to see the amount of our products out there among the community and how many of you made it to the booth to say hello. It was exciting to be able to interact with everyone and hand out stickers, banners and also have tshirts available (like finally) many of you have been asking for these over the years. We have left over Tshirts, posters, fabric wall banners and vacuum diagrams available for those who weren't able to make it out the show. Quantities are limited as a large percentage of our inventory was bought at SevenStock22. 

We also want to make the SevenStock coupon code available to everyone who wasn't able to make it. 

Coupon Code: SevenStock2019

For 10% off your entire order Good through Friday! 11/15/2019

Thank you for everyone that came out to SevenStock2019

One of our biggest achievements this year was releasing our SakeBomb Garage RZ+ wheels for the FD3S! 

Rich Farrell (GoodFellas Garage) was able to fly out all the way from the East Coast to join in on the festivities. 

This FD won Best FD at SevenStock rocking our RZ+ Wheels!

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