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Paypal Changes: Refund Policy – Effective October 11, 2019


Paypal is making more changes to their user agreement, specifically their refund policy. We'll try and make this as clean and simple to describe our changes to the business moving forward.

SakeBomb Garage creates niche and bespoke products for not only the Mazda RX-7 community but spread across many chassis ranging from the S2000 to every generation of the Miata MX5. That said, all our costs are baked into the manufacturing, R&D, employee time and assembly of every product that leaves our warehouse. We pride ourselves on the fact that you can't simply order out products out of a catalog. 

That being said, every item purchased takes curated time to gather or to be assembled for you. As of Oct, 11, 2019 Paypal decided to move forward with not refunding the 3% transaction fee they take for using PayPal. In the past if a customer were to change their mind and want a refund, the fee would return to us. As of that date, PayPal will no longer be refunding the 3% fee back to SakeBomb Garage. 

This being the case, all refunds moving forward will have the 3% transaction fee deducted prior to the refund going back to the customer. 


  • Effective October 11, 2019: Paypal will no longer refund fees from the original transaction when you refund a customer.
  • This policy will not apply to duplicate, voided, or disputed transactions.
  • There are no fees to process a refund.

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